Thursday, January 4, 2018

Make a Farmhouse Style Sign from a Lazy Susan

Happy 2018!  Yes, I know, we are four days into the new year, but I am just getting into the swing of things again. I am slowly un-decorating the Christmas home and slowly working on new projects.

One feature I have decided to bring you in 2018 is THRIFTY THURSDAYS. My 12 Days of Christmas projects made from thrift store items was a hit so I thought I would continue the thrift store fun with weekly projects made from thrift store and garage sale items. 

home decor projects made from thrift store finds
My goal will be to MOSTLY share projects made with easy to find thrift store items, rather than the one of a kind find. BUT, every now and then I will share some thing created with that "Wow, I can't believe I found this at a thrift store!" item.
make a farmhouse style sign from a thrift store lazy susan

My first project was a farmhouse style coffee sign!

upcycle these commonly found items at thrift stores
I sketched out a few of those items that I always look for at a good price at thrift stores.

These include but are not limited to: frames. candlesticks, cutting boards, wool blankets, leather belts, wire baskets and containers, lazy Susans, wood boxes, great jars, and wood trays. Some trips I find many of these things, some none. But, for me it is always good to have a list, at least a mental one, of items I want to find at the thrift store.

I do always look at the furniture, but it is getting harder and harder to find good quality furniture at a good price.
Before Picture of a Lazy Susan from the Thrift Store
For today's project I started with a lazy Susan. I like to buy these because they make great signs without the edge that wood trays have. 

I removed the rotating part of the lazy Susan and lightly sanded it. I keep the rotating mechanism, you never know when you might need something to spin. I painted the inside white that I didn't tape off.
use a thrift store lazy susan to create a round coffee sign

I penciled out a design, in my sketchbook first, and then hand-painted the sign. I chose black and white the sign to give it a farmhouse look.

hand letter a round coffee sign on this easy to find thrift store item
Circular signs are fun and different from regular ol' rectangular ones and MUCH EASIER to make with pre-made circles from a thrift store lazy Susan.
paint a sign on a thrift store find

hand paint a farmhouse style sign on a lazy susan from the thrift store


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