Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thrifty Thursday Boho Plant Hanger

thrift store makeovers at beyond the picket fence

Today's Thrifty Thursday project uses an embroidery hoop (like last week's) and a saucer.

use an embroidery hoop and a saucer to make a plant hanger
I am calling this a BOHO plant hanger, but let's face it--aren't all plant hangers "BOHO"? They remind me of my childhood and the seventies, where most of us had a bit of a hippie, bohemian style going on. 

Boho Plant Hanger DIY from Thrift Store Finds
I used an eight inch embroidery hoop for this plant hanger and a saucer that I liked. I think a larger hoop would work as well.
use two part epoxy to make a plant hanger
Using two part epoxy, I glued the outer and inner embroidery hoops perpendicularly together. I used tape to hold them together, but in retrospect I think holding them together with a string tightly tied at the intersecting points would be easier.
let the glue dry on the boho plant hanger
I then placed the saucer inside the hoops and glued it where it touches the hoops. Since I was working at my kitchen counter, I used some nearby items to prop the plant hanger up. Again, in retrospect, I realized it would easier to prop it up in a masking tape roll. I sanded off any unnecessary glue when it was dry.
Boho Plant Hanger DIY from Thrift Store Finds
Take four 30" pieces of jute, twine, ribbon, etc. and slip knot each one on the top of the plant hanger. Hold the hanger up, making sure the saucer is level and tie the four jute strings together in a knot at the top.
Boho Plant Hanger DIY from Thrift Store Finds
I placed a little spider plant in a metal cup on this hanger and hung it from a nail in my library window. Ignore the blizzard happening outside.
Boho Plant Hanger DIY from Thrift Store Finds

It would also make a cute hanging jewelry holder--set rings and bracelets on the saucer and hang necklaces from the hoops. PLEASE PIN ME!

Boho Plant Hanger DIY from Thrift Store Finds

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