Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thrift Store Thursday Upcycled Embroidery Hoops

upcycling inexpensive thrift store finds

Today's Thrift Store Thursday project starts with embroidery hoops. These are another item I always look for thrift stores. They typically cost $.25-.50 each.

Upcycle Thrift Store Embroidery Hoops
Using six 10" sized hoops, I made two boho, industrial style display shelves.
make boho industrial style display shelves from embroidery hoops

Use wood glue and a q-tip to glue the wooden hoops together.  Glue the inner circled to each other and the outer circles to one another by stacking them. For a deeper shelf you can glue more hoops together.
apply wood glue with a q-tip to embroidery hoops
The hoops may not fit or stack perfectly. Hold them together and even them out with painters tape placed 4-6 places around the hoops. (Sorry for the blurry pic.)
tape hoops together while the glue dries
While the glue is drying, make the shelves. Measure the depth of the stacked hoops--mine were 3" deep. For 10" hoops I cut a 9 1/4" x 3" board for the shelf, cutting 30 degree angles on the ends, making a trapezoid shape. I sanded the angle cuts to round them a bit. I used a trim board from out old schoolhouse.
cut a trim board to make a shelf for round display shelves
Glue the ends of the shelf and place them in the stacked hoops. You can use a clamp to gently hold them in place if needed.
boho industrial display shelves made from thrift store embroidery hoops
When the glue is dry, I finished the shelves with a clear coat. 
round display shelves

I love using these round diaplay shelves to hold a photo or two or a special item from a collection.

Upcycle Thrift Store Embroidery Hoops to make boho industrial display shelves
My teenage daughter is claiming them for her room. I guess they must be "hip".
Upcycle Thrift Store Embroidery Hoops
Upcycle Thrift Store Embroidery Hoops Into Boho Industrial Display Shelves


  1. OMG... shut UP!!! Those are the coolest shelves ever! I MUST make some! pinned!


    1. Ha-ha, thanks so much! They are pretty easy to make--the tape definitely helps!

  2. My friend gave me a bagful of hoops. There is a project in my future.

    1. Yay! There are a lot of fun things you can do with the hoops.


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