Wednesday, January 10, 2018

When in Doubt Make a Crate

The title of this post is my motto I think. It seems that when I wander into my workshop with no plan or no idea what I am going to make, I end making a crate (or a coat hook). Crates and coat hooks are good sellers.

Here are a few recent crates I made from reclaimed barnwood.

Make and Stencil Reclaimed Wood Crates

The construction is easy. I cut three or four pieces the same length for the long sides and the bottom of the crate. I add the long sides to the bottom pieces and then measure and cut for the crate ends.

After painting it white, I stenciled the smaller crate with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils, using the COFFEE stencil.  This fun little crate works great for a small coffee station. 
It holds a few latte syrup bottles, a couple mugs, some cocoa and a milk frother.
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PS-Totally an aside, but I love my NINJA coffee maker. You can find one HERE.

I stenciled the larger crate with Old Sign Stencils Farmers Market stencilThis crate would be great in a walk in pantry to hold potatoes and onions.

Or, you could use it to gather produce from your garden. I added leather belt handles to it.
Crates are great and a stylish way to hold all important STUFF.


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