Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sunday Verses

Devotional About Not Putting off Hope
Happy Sunday! It is January which typically means that our world here in Montana is blanketed in white. This year however, all around us is brown with very little snow. On a recent walk I spied some green popping up through the brown--it was unexpected, but a welcomed sight. It reminded me that there are small, unexpected signs of hope all around us. We often miss the glimpses of hope because we are too busy looking at the bigger picture. We are waiting for the one big "thing" and we forget to notice and appreciate the little encouragements and signs of hope that are in front of us. When we put off hope, when we forget to practice gratitude, when we refuse to notice the everyday positives, we make our hearts sick. Do not defer hope, look for it and take note of the daily hopeful bits of life all around you.

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  1. I decided I like blogs with purpose and this is my first time to yours keep it up and let let continue to mold your hope. Thank you!


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