Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday Verses

Inspiring Devotional
Happy Sunday! A social distancing drive earlier in the week led us closer to the mountains. The freshly fallen snow and the close proximity to the mountains made a local landscape feature, the broken heart, easier to see (do you see it?).  Many of us are currently experiencing fears, worries, sadness, depression, and broken hearts that we are hiding and hoping that others do not see. I understand wanting to put on a brave face and wanting to appear to be strong and holding it all together. But, we need to know that God sees our brokenness. We need to let him in and allow ourselves to be vulnerable with Him. He doesn't need to get closer to us to see our pain and discouragement, he is already near. Whatever you are feeling and experiencing right now in life, trust that God is close by. He is holding you, He is hearing you, He sees, He knows. Rest in Him, let him give you HIS hope and peace. 

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