Monday, March 16, 2020

Vintage Style Farm Stand Sign

Raise your hand if you were a Gilligan's Island fan? It was one of my favorites as a kid and my favorite episode was the one where they plant the radioactive seeds and grow BIG vegetables that give them super powers.
Gilligans Island
I am not sure if that is what inspired this GIANT carrot, but I love a big, cut-out sign--it has such a vintage feel.
Vintage Style Farm Stand Sign
I used a scrap piece of plywood I had and quickly drew out a carrot shape. I cut the carrot top out separately with my hand held jigsaw.
Vintage Style Farm Stand Sign
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I painted it and stenciled it with this stencil from Folk Art Stencils (HERE).
Vintage Style Farm Stand Sign
I then sanded it and stained it and cleared coated it. It reminds me a sign that you would have found on a roadside farm stand in days gone by. 

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