Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sunday Verses

Happy Sunday! The saying, "You never know what's coming around the corner," certainly seems to be ringing true this year--catastrophic fires, murder hornets, pandemic, protests. Throw in my youngest graduating, my husband retiring in our state to go be a school administrator in another state (because he can collect retirement here and get a full salary elsewhere), house remodeling, moving and I have seen enough change to last me awhile. And I must admit, I have not been embracing all these ch, ch, ch, changes very well. Change is hard. It is uncomfortable and unfamiliar and scary. I know it can be exciting and adventurous too, but when it involves goodbyes, it is arduous. I have learned that having the right mindset can make all the difference. Learning to look for the positives, to see some changes as temporary, to welcome fresh starts, to quit fighting the shifts, and rather be content in our present situations takes mindful effort, but it is possible. The secret is Jesus--faith, trust, belief that his love is enough, that his comfort will see us through, that he is not surprised by any of the changes, and that he knows exactly how they will turn out brings peace to the weary and overworked mind. Contentment doesn't mean you can't mourn the hard transitions, but finding, choosing, and trusting contentment in all situations sure make life a little easier to live day by day.

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  1. Duri g this covid times are difficult. I go nowhere as very high risk. Do not want to die! Randy does all shopping, sa itizes it all and showers before getting near me. He washes clothing too.


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