Wednesday, December 2, 2020

12 Days of Christmas Day 5 Easy Custom Pillow Covers

12 days of Easy DIY Christmas Ideas
When Funky Junk Old Sign Stencils introduced her newest stencils for Christmas, I fell in love with the Christmas Sweater stencil. I knew it would be perfect for fabric and I was right.
12 days of Easy DIY Christmas Ideas

Using the Christmas sweater stencil and some scraps of fabric I had, I created custom Christmas pillow covers in less than two hours.

12 days of Easy DIY Christmas Ideas
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Stencil Custom Christmas Pillow Covers
You can find this awesome stencil HERE at Old Sign Stencils. Please note, the prices you see are in Canadian and are less in US dollars.
Create Custom Christmas Fabric with Old Sign Stencils
I am using less red in my Christmas decor this year and more green because I have been all about green the past 4 months. I have made Christmas pillows in the past from old sweaters and from Christmas cloth napkins. This year I knew I wanted to use the Christmas sweater stencil and green paint on drop cloth fabric to create custom fabric.  I used a multi surface paint, drying it with a hair dryer. use some sort of heat to help set the paint--an iron with a pressing cloth over the top, a hair dryer, or a clothes dryer. 
Christmas Sweater Stencil from Old Sign Stencils
For the larger pillow I was covering I cut one 17" square and a rectangle that was 17" x 24". The smaller, green pillow has a 13" square and a 13" x 17" rectangle. I also cut a triangle for the envelope flap on the green pillow. I stenciled the front, square piece for the larger pillow. There are registration marks on these stencils which makes lining them up and repeating them easy.  On the triangle, I used the stencil upside down, placing the snowflake in the point.

I sewed the edges of the envelope pillow triangle under. I also cut the rectangles for each pillow in half and iron under and sew a hem where I cut. This creates the overlap opening on the back for the pillow cover. 
How to Sew a Custom Envelope Pillow Cover
I pinned the triangle on the inside of the pillow front.
How to Sew a Custom Envelope Pillow Cover
 Pin the rectangles to the front, right sides together, overlapping the sewed edges. Make sure the pillow is pinned with right sides together and pin the flap edges. (And no, I didn't change thread color for the green pillow--too impatient).

Sew around the whole pillow square with 1/2" seams. Flip right side out and push corners out with a seam ripper or crochet hook. Use your existing throw pillows with the custom Christmas pillow covers.
Boho Natural Christmas
I added a jute tassel to the green pillow, stitching it on by hand.
Stencil Custom Christmas Pillow Covers
I love these covers, love how they easily transform existing pillows, and they will take up very little space in my Christmas boxes.
Stencil Custom Christmas Pillow Covers
Don't sew, but still want to create custom pillow covers? Here are some canvas ones that are inexpensive--remember to put something in between the premade covers when stenciling in case the paint wants to soak through. 

I have so many other ideas for this stencil!! Here are some other fabric items you can use it on, oh they would all be so cute!

Oh, so many ideas for you or gifts!

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