Wednesday, December 23, 2020

12 Days of Christmas Days 11 and 12 Adding Stencils to All the Things

12 Days of Easy Christmas Ideas

Oh goodness, we are coming in hot to Christmas so I am finishing up my final two days of 12 Days of Christmas projects with a few fun things I created using Old Sign Stencils. If you need a super last minute idea or gift, check out these ideas!

Stencil Thrift Store Ice Skates
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I have found stencils are the quickest, easiest, cutest way to create something unique for not only Christmas, but for winter and all of the seasons depending on the stencils used. It is so easy to change up thrift store finds and items you already have.
Stencil Treat Bags
I love all of Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils, but the new Christmas Sweater this year has been my favorite. I love that it is perfect for winter, not just the holidays.
Stencil Brown Bags
I made treats for our new neighbors and wanted a cute way to share them. Because we try to use less plastic, I grabbed these paper sandwich sacks at the grocery store. They are the perfect size for treat giving. 
Stencil Brown Bags
I stenciled the fronts with white craft paint, using the Christmas Sweater stencil and the Mini Christmas Trees stencil. It took about 15 minutes to stencil a dozen bags. I folded the top over and secured them with string.
Stencil Thrift Store Ice Skates
Another fun thing I stenciled the Christmas sweater on was a pair of ice skates. The pattern is perfect on a pair of skates. Black ice skates stenciled in white would be super cute. These will stay on the porch for the winter and would make a great post Christmas project if you need a little winter decor.
Front Porch Decor For Christmas
Also, on my porch is red bucket from the thrift store that I stenciled snowflakes on. The snowflakes are from the winter graphics stencil. The bucket will stay on the porch through February.
Hot Cocoa Station
I added the cocoa cup from the Hot Cocoa with Cup to the lid of my hot cocoa jar. I always have a hot cocoa jar at the ready, but love putting together a cocoa spot for Christmas.
Stencil a Shelf Sitter
I stenciled the Mini Christmas Trees on a block of wood for a shelf sitter. This shelf sitter has a pumpkin stenciled on the other side and will go into my fall decor stash after Christmas.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. Whether you are whipping out a few last things or gathering ideas for next year, I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. 

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  1. Love your decoration! The ice skates are my fav, and the red window frame... and the green wagon... Hmmm, i like all of it :)


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