Sunday, March 7, 2021

Sunday Verses

Love is Patient and Kind
Happy Sunday! Love, a simple, four letter word that seems easy to say for most, but hard and confusing to practice. The bible says a lot about love and I am spending some time looking at and trying to learn how to better love from the many verses on it. The definition of love in Corinthians is widely known, and it sets up great standards, but it is also impossible for humans to consistently attain. What I think is less recognized in these verses, are the aspects of God's loving character. God's love does not have conditions, we do not need to earn it--it is patient and kind and humble. The fact that my faith all too often looks like me apologizing to God and feeling guilty for not trusting him or not having enough belief tells me that I do not fully grasp God's loving characteristics. He is not sitting around waiting to punish us, devising hoops for us to jump through so that he will love us more. When my limited thinking and human interpreted faith tells me differently, I am choosing to look to God's authentic nature and breathing in his unconditional love. 

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