Monday, June 14, 2021

Adding Texture with a Vintage Woven Chair

Grey, gray, greigh (?)--however you spell it I have a bit too much of it in my furniture repertoire. In my front room I have a small grey loveseat and three grey chairs. It happened accidentally, you know, gathered a chair here and chair there without realizing it was all getting a bit boring and same.

SO, I have been on the lookout at the thrift stores for a cute, colorful, vintage, adorable chair in excellent condition for a great price. But, that wasn't happening...until I spied this vintage, woven Palecek chair at Goodwill.

Adding Texture with a Vintage Woven Chair
While it wasn't colorful, I loved the texture and knew I could have some color fun when recovering the seat.
Adding Texture with a Vintage Woven Chair
After removing the seat and cleaning up the woven leather? (faux leather?), including removing earplugs and tissues out of the arm area (EW!!!!!),
I used walnut colored gel stain to darken the worn areas.
Minwax Gel Stain
Allen Palecek started his sustainable furniture line in 1980 and was influenced by his global travels. This captain's chair is from the eighties I believe and resells for anywhere to $100 to $250. For $20 I thought this solid chair was a great deal.
Thrift Store Chair Makeover
I looked for awhile for something to recover the seat in, finally deciding on a curtain panel fabric piece purchased for $2 at the thrift store. Yes, it is grey, but the brownish bird matches well with the woven chair and the colorful flowers bring a little punch. I used Lysol on the original cover and left and covered right over it.
Adding Texture with a Vintage Woven Chair
I love the texture and the warm color the chair adds to the room. It is comfortable and sturdy. I am still on the hunt for another new to me chair that is colorful to add to the mix, but am patient to find the perfect one.
Adding Texture with a Vintage Woven Chair


  1. What a great find! The chair came out beautifully and looks like a cherished heirloom that was passed down. You certainly had a great vision for what this chair could be!


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