Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Creating Sunshine and Warmth on a Winter Day

Today was a stay at home day. I don't think it got above zero degrees and it was grey and snowy. I wandered around the workshop, picking up pieces of wood, trying to decide what to build and what to work on--nothing was inspiring me. I spied one scrap of wood and somehow saw a sun ray in it so I decided to make my own sunshine from reclaimed wood.

Since moving back into our old schoolhouse, I have been slowly redecorating. We are planning on refinishing the wood floors, replacing trim, and I want to repaint this light grey wall. But, that is taking longer than I had planned, so I needed some warm wood decor until we do repaint. When you have twelve foot ceilings you need some decor up above doorways to add interest and draw the eye up. You don't want anything too intricate or something like a photo that guests might want to see more clearly. This sunshine works perfectly, plus the wood adds warmth.
build a wood sunshine
I started by tracing a bucket on a piece of scrap wood and cutting it out with a jigsaw.
Cut a half circle out with a jigsaw
I then found different scraps of narrow wood pieces. I cut them on one end with a 60 degree angle. The middle sunray was cut into a point. I purposely didn't make the rays the exact same length.
Make a wood sunburst
I had planned on displaying this with the points showing and the half circle in the background. BUT, after I made it I decided I liked it better with rays behind. some of the wood I would have turned around to use the other side if I knew I was going to like it this way better, but that is okay, I like it his way too. I definitely wanted different colors of wood to show. I used wood glue and the brad nail gun to attach the sun rays.
Use a Dewalt Brad Nailer
Some Wise Owl Furniture Salve (YOU can get it HERE!)brought out the natural beauty of the wood. I hung the sunburst with some picture hanging wire in the back. I also put one screw through a wood hold on one of the darker wood sunrays to make sure the sunshine was level.
Reclaimed Wood Sunshine Art
I will be sharing a little more of this wall and what I have decorated it with tomorrow evening for my Thrifty Thursday blog post. Come back and check it out!
Reclaimed Wood Sunshine Art

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