Friday, January 7, 2022

Three Twists on a Simple Winter Centerpiece

If you saw my Make It Monday blog post I mentioned that I had purchased two fake cedar boughs that I purchased for 70% off. I separate fake greenery to make it more manageable and it helps stretch the amount that I need to use. So, after making a simple wreath (SEE HERE), I still had plenty of the fake cedar to use in a centerpiece. 
Fake Cedar Bough Greenery

I decided to create three, different, simple centerpieces with the faux greenery, some twigs from my yard, and a few thrift store finds. Each centerpiece has its own feel and vibe or style, but all of them are easy to create in minutes.

The first one I created definitely is perfect for farmhouse decor.
Simple Farmhouse Centerpiece
A $3 vintage white pitcher definitely says farmhouse. I placed the cedar branches poring out of the pitcher for a casual feel. The bare dogwood branches add a little color and height.
Farmhouse Simple Centerpiece DIY
I placed it on a metal tray from the thrift store. I added a candle in a hammered brass bowl, also from the thrift store, and a few pinecones.
Three Twists on a Simple Winter Centerpiece
The second centerpiece I created has more of a lodge or cabin look and feel. I placed the elements in a lovely, handmade basket from the thrift store. 
Lodge Style Centerpiece With Thrift Store and Natural Finds
I added a antler shed we found while hiking (you can get faux antlers at the craft store), a large pinecone, and some jute tied to the basket handle. I set the basket on a scrap piece of wood and set one pinecone on it.
Three Twists on a Simple Winter Centerpiece
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For the third centerpiece I created something that has an eclectic and boho feel. Using the same thrift store candle tray I used from my Christmas Advent centerpiece (SEE HERE), I put the greenery and twigs in a small metal coffee pot that I used Antique Gold Rub-n-Buff on to give it some warmth. (You can get that HERE.)
Simple Eclectic Boho Centerpiece
I added a tassel that I made to the handle of the coffee pot and woods beads around the coffee pot to fill the candle tray. 
Three Twists on a Simple Winter Centerpiece
There you go, three easy centerpieces, each one for about $5. I love how you can change up the same basic "ingredients" and have three different looks and feels to match different decor. Think about your style and use elements of that for the extras to personalize this simple winter centerpiece. If you aren't sure what fits the style you are going for, go to Pinterest and type in Farmhouse Decor or Boho Decor Accessories and you will find lots of ideas and inspiration.

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