Monday, February 7, 2022

Make It Monday Wood Block Heart

Make It Monday Easy DIY Decor

I decided I needed a bit more Valentine's Day decor for my breezeway porch. It has been pretty darn bare since I put Christmas stuff away mid-January. I wanted to create something with items I had, something simple, and unique. I came up with this heart sign made with Jenga blocks. 

Wood Heart Sign Made from Jenga Blocks
I am sharing LOTS of different ideas on how YOU can make something similar! I dare you to go into any thrift store and not find a Jenga game. This particular one was handmade which is nice because the blocks do not have the Jenga stamp. But, that can be sanded out, or simply ignored. You also could use paint stick ends or shims.
Thrift store blocks
I decided I could made either a sign with the word LOVE
LOVE sign
or a wood heart shape.
wood heart
What to make the sign on? I decided to dig a bit in my stash. I realize my Make it Monday posts can often be interchanged with my Thrifty Thursday posts. Why? Because I would much rather use something that has been discarded by someone else rather than buying new. Not only is it better on the budget, it is also better for the planet. I
In a few minutes I came up with all kinds of items I could use to build my sign on. Here are a few ideas:
A $1 country wood sign that would be easy to repaint a solid color.
wood sign
LOVE works great on this shaped sign.
Love Sign
A game board would make a great background for the heart. This one is cardboard, but a wood checkerboard would be be fantastic as well.
checkerboard for a sign

Checkerboard Heart Sign
Love on a small, wood shutter would look good, paint the shutter or blocks for contrast.
Wood Shutter

Love Sign on a shutter
A Vintage print on cardboard makes a meaningful background.
mother and child

love blocks on an old print

Wood Heart Sign Made from Jenga Blocks
Paint a scrap of wood for the sign,
wood scrap
use an old book,
Old Classic Book
a cutting board,
cutting board
or a frame--remove the glass and cover the backing with fabric or scrapbook paper.
Thrift Store Frame
You could use a colorful matchstick placemat for a casual, beachy look.

Wood Heart Sign Made from Jenga Blocks
I chose a little more difficult background, an oval frame painted red.
Wood Heart Sign Made from Jenga Blocks
The challenge comes with having a floating heart with no solid background.
For any of the other choices, simply figure out your shape and when your background is painted or decoupaged or however you want it, glue the blocks in place, Use hot glue for an indoor sign, wood glue or epoxy for outdoors.
Wood Heart Sign Made from Jenga Blocks
To make a heart on a frame, trace the inside of the frame onto paper (I used parchment paper). I fold the oval in half and then cut out a heart that overlapped or went beyond the oval so I knew that my blocks would rest on the inside edges of the frame.
paper heart
Lay the blocks out onto the paper heart. Protect your work surface with more paper.
Wood Heart Sign Made from Jenga Blocks
Pick up the blocks and glue them one at a time. I used wood glue and hot glue. HINT--the hot glue gives it a temporary hold. It doesn't work great for outside, but holds the pieces together until the wood glue dries. And no, I do not get any kickback from Gorilla, I just like their glue.
Gorilla Glue

use wood glue and hot glue
When it was dry I flipped the heart over and added more wood glue and smeared it around with my finger, you can use a brush.
wood glue on the back
I glued some cardboard strips on the back to reinforce the heart. (sorry for blurry picture)
Wood Heart Sign Made from Jenga Blocks
I glued the heart to the frame with epoxy and then added a jute hanger.
Wood Heart Sign Made from Jenga Blocks
Some glue clean up and my sign was ready for the breezeway porch.
Wood Heart Sign Made from Jenga Blocks
The decor here is simple--a wool red blanket, a red picket fence section, a watering can with sticks and pine branches.
Wood Heart Sign Made from Jenga Blocks
I will keep this up until the end of February and then watch out spring, I am coming for ya!
how to make a wood heart sign from blocks
Look for the Jenga blocks, find a fun backdrop that fits your style, and make an EASY sign for Valentine's Day.


  1. ooh that is so pretty! I just used the blocks to make some small hearts but I like yours so much better!!! Great idea!


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