Friday, March 1, 2024

A Wee Bit 'O March Decor

I have been on the hunt for all things springy and colorful at the thrift stores. Even though I wasn't sure what they were, when I spotted this pair of small, green, mustached men at the thrift store (for 50 cents each), I decided they were perfect to welcome March into our home.
vintage green mustached men candleholders
The tops are open and I wasn't sure if they had stopper for salt and pepper shakers or what. I did a little research on them and discovered they are definitely vintage from the 1960's.
vintage green mustached men candleholders
Some of my research said that these were most likely bud vases, which is how I chose to use them. I set them on a vintage cocktail book on my bar.
vintage green mustached men candleholders
Upon further digging I discovered that they almost always come together as a pair. I think they were intended to be candleholders, but for fairly small candles like the Menorah candles I have. They may have been made as soldiers or nutcrackers for Christmas time, but I think they are perfect for March. 

And how do I research? I use Google Lens as a starting point. But then I try to google search words and more information. It is not a perfect search, but it helps me to learn a lot about the items I source and I love researching!
vintage green mustached men candleholders
They look like two, wee, jolly Irishmen ready for a tip of whiskey and they make me smile.

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