Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Sourcing Floral Finds

I have said it before, but I will say it again--when thrifting, have a few key words in your mind and you WILL better see and find those items. This week I have been thinking FLOWERS and just look at these floral finds from the past few days!
Vintage Floral Finds from the Thrift Store
From the floral fabric piece that I thrifted for $1 (and that I will use to recover something or make pillows) to the vintage, amateur floral paintings, I have been sourcing all the flowers this week. 
I met a gal who was an amazing picker when we lived in Idaho for a year. She told me she manifests her picks by saying aloud what she wants to find. I am not sure that always works, but I do know that we see what we want and what is in our minds and I do believe in the power of positive thinking. This week I have been thinking grow and spring flowers.
Vintage Floral Finds from the Thrift Store
The tall pitcher is an antique, Bennington Rockingham, hand-painted piece from the 1800's. It will make a lovely vase. The vintage stationary set with bird and floral art on both sides of the box is a sweet memory for me. As a preteen in the 70's we often received stationary sets as gifts and is a reminder of slower times when letter writing was commonplace. The orange juice cup is a 1950's Napcoware piece. i thought it would be cute for toothbrushes in the guest bathroom. The divided floral dish is Czech Slovakia Erphilia and will go on my wall. It originally would have had a handle on it.
Vintage Floral Finds from the Thrift Store
The three, amateur floral paintings will go into my sunroom, I think (I am running out of space for florals in there). The basketweave pitcher holds faux flowers for spring.
Vintage Floral Finds from the Thrift Store
The smaller, tall stool came from a friend that is moving. She used it as a plant stand and currently it is sitting in my entryway with the fake plant on it. 

I often think of Field of Dreams and "If you build it, they will come," while thrifting. If you think it, you will find it! It doesn't always work and sometimes I have to be more patient than I'd like, but I do believe I find more of what I am wanting to source because I think I will.

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