Friday, February 6, 2009

A Few Finds

I made it to a few thrift stores and found a couple of treasures. I love this mirror--it needs a good cleaning! It is old--extremely heavy. I also got this green market basket--not sure what for but I liked it. I might just keep potatoes in it in the pantry. I also found: another glass decanter for $1, a glass flower frog, a vintage baby flower container, an old scotch tape can, a pretty blue saucer, a round wire basket (not sure what I am doing with this, but I liked it), and the cute little tupperware measuring cup for preschool. So, not a big haul, but I still am pleased with my goodies.


  1. Score! I do so like those wire baskets that you snagged for yourself. Can't go wrong with baskets.

  2. You did good! I love the wire baskets.
    Happy weekend.

  3. Looks like you found some great things! Thanks for visiting our blog...I thought your name was familiar...I've checked out your blog before and love it! And how about all those great projects on the JMStyle site?

  4. Looks like you taking your shopping serious like Lee Laurie of A Southern Rose! I like the mirror and the possibilities with the wire basket is unlimited. You did good!!

  5. I came to see if you found anything thrifting and you did! Those wire baskets are so useful, I wish I'd find some (I've been looking) Love the glass decanter too - you found good stuff!


  6. I love the green basket! Good haul! ~Mindy

  7. Thanks for visiting our blog! I'm loving what I see on your site and will definitely be stopping back!! I have the same round wire basket and have always had vintage cookie cutters in it. Not sure what's up for it next. So many uses, so little time...

  8. I really like the mirror! I bet you will do something great with it! Oh and I bought a really pretty saucer with roses on it yesterday to put on that cabinet door like you did. I just need to find 2 more. I want them all to be different...but still have roses on them.

    I see that my friend Stevie left you a comment. He is so sweet. I think that he is taking me garage selling today or maybe to a flea market.
    Lee Laurie

  9. Great finds. Love the wire baskets and glass flower frog.


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