Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Have A Question (Oh Happy Valentine's Day too!)

So, I didn't get to any actual junking projects. I looked at some of my pieces, turned them around, put some together, and came up dry. This little rocking chair is one of the pieces I am thinking of repurposing or just recovering. I got it for$7 at the thrift store.

It had a tag with my name on it, so I had to buy it.

I think it is old--constructed with straight screws and nails. Anyone know why it tips back so far? Were these rockers intended for babies?

I did a little rearranging on top of my TV armoire. I love this little picture frame--the people in it came with it. I will replace it with real relatives some day. The angel figurine is from my grandma and the autograph book belonged to my other grandma.

Happy Valentine's Day--we are off to a basketball tournament for the day--aah, how romantic!


  1. I love the little chair. It might have been for babies or it might have been for someone with a really bad back?! I love the things that you have from your grandmas. I know that they are special to you. The little book is the most precious.

  2. Very nice. It is an antique gout leg/foot rest. go here to read about it:
    You did good!


  3. Wow! Just went to Mindy's link and see you did REALLY good at $7. Nice job!


  4. I roll called below you on SITS, stopping by to show you some love. You are really crafty! Keep it up.

  5. How cool that your name was on that tag! I mean, I would just have to buy it if my name were on there. Too cool. And that blue frame is so pretty.

  6. That frame is so cute and how fun to have that autograph book! That chair is darling but I have no clue what it was used for.

  7. It does tip really back! I don't know but it's neat that it had your name on it LOL!


  8. Mindy was telling me this weekend about your gout leg rocker and I wanted to take a better look at it. Very nice find! Congrats!


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