Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Does Your Kitchen Table Look Like This?

It has been a a busy valentine week. This was from tonight's valentine making adventure for my daughter (got this cute idea from somewhere out there in blogland).

Middle son was happy with Fun Dips (a sugar stick that gets dipped into colored sugar-mmm!). I have also made 24 valentines for preschool, 24 valentine bags, cut out approximately 500 hearts, and taped crayons and pennies to 200 hearts. I am not complaining (or am I?), but it has seemed busy. I did love Valentine's Day as a kid--it was my favorite holiday to celebrate at school.

I hope to get to some junking projects tomorrow after preschool. Hope you all are enjoying the week.


  1. Ok you have been busy girl! I actuallly JUST cleaned my kitchen can be a catch all of sorts. cherry

  2. We haven't done Garrett's cards yet. He loves Valetine's Day. He takes his time picking out just the perfect card for each of his friends.

    I went junking today in a little town that I had never been to before and I got some great deals. It had to be just about the teeniest,tinyest,town that I have ever shopped in! But the deals were great! I will post about them soon.

  3. Yes, unfortunately, my table looks worse!
    Its funny, V Day isnt as big here, the florists, and teddy bear shops are busy, but I dont remember celebrating it in school until I was about 14...Hubby and I dont celebrate it, though I like to decorate a bit.
    Cute little crafts, they have kept you busy.

  4. I saw these out there in blogland too. I was going to make them but time got away on me with hockey and all, maybe next year! Love em!! Krista

  5. Mine was worse, but I actually got it cleaned off this weekend. That ipod candy is really cute.

  6. What fun Valentine's!! I loved Valentine's day too. Every year we decorated shoeboxes for all of the Valentines we collected during that special day. It was way too fun. Have fun craftin'!

  7. I miss celebrating V day. We used to make a hearty breakfast for the kids when they were at home. Heart shaped toast, balloons, red and white napkins...and chocolate at 7 AM. They loved it! We need to start a new Valentine's day tradition!

  8. Okay, no, my table doesn't look exactly like that...

    But what a cool idea! love it!

    Visiting from SITS!

  9. I soooo miss those days! I used to love making Valentine's with the kids..and baking!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Yes, my kitchen table always looks like that! :)

  11. Oh my goodness, 500 hearts?!

    And yes, my table looks like that also.

    Thanks for stopping by Crumbs, SITSa!

  12. I made those iPod's too... they were so much fun! But um, yeah... my counter looked worse than yours! HA!

    Happy Heart Day!

  13. Found your blog for the first time today. Love the scriptures that you sprinkle in with your awesome re-purposing and decorating ideas. Thank you! Cheryl in California


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