Monday, September 22, 2008

Finished Chair ( well, sorta! )

Sorry--rushing again--I have to drive 2 hours to son's JV football game. Here is the finished chair--the cording around the back needs some work still, I will probably redo it. I made a quick little faux fur pillow to keep it from being so traditional. I restained the wood, with a dark gel stain. The pleats in the back part of the chair just happened, like they were in the original. I ripped the seams apart on the seat cushion and used the pieces for the pattern. I reused the zipper.

I am back from football. I couldn't get the pictures to load before I went. We won in the last few seconds of the game 23 to 21, with a 38 yard field goal. My son blocked a punt and recovered the ball, which then set up one of our touchdowns. What a fun game! Here is a picture from tonight's game and a picture of his little sister cheering him on.

I had an amazing time at Beth Moore. She is an incredible Christian speaker (this is my third time seeing her). Her testimony is real and she is so humble. Her message really spoke to me. These are my girlfriends and I before the Beth Moore event. (No I am not pregnant--it is the jacket! But my dear friend in purple is, after three years of infertility--and baby was conceived the old-fashioned way!)


  1. SCORE!! On both accounts...the game and especially the chair. I cannot believe you did that yourself. You are brave AND talented! And great choice to put the gel stain on...looks new again.
    Kudos to you! : )

  2. Congratulate your son for me! Both your kids are cuties.

    Your chair looks great! The pair I have had the fabric under the cushion wrapped around the entire chair bottom. I like the wood showing much better!


  3. I love how your chair turned out! I like it painted black. I am in the process of recovering the cushions on my 4 dining room chairs, again. Everytime I have moved I have had to change the material to match which ever room that I'm using them in. Last time I used it as a breakfast table.They are black and have the cane on the back like the sides of your chair. I like the fabric that you used too. Very pretty. Congratulations to your son on his game!

  4. Wow! What an amazing job! It looks great! Thanks for sharing:)


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