Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Scratch That Itch!

I got the itchin', I hadn't been thriftin' since school started. So, after preschool today, I scratched that itch! I only went to the one thrift store where I know the owners, and let me tell you, I am glad I did! Although I didn't get a lot, here are a few of the treasures I did pick up:

I think I will use this big tray that everything is sitting on to make some type of table--either taller for a desk or a coffee table. I loved these pink dishes and I think they are vintage, but they don't have any markings. Does anyone know? This spice rack teeters between cool vintage for me and old crud. I like the chart on the inside, which has a 1965 copyright. I think I will paint the wood a fun color like deep red and leave the rest as is. The stool was nice and sturdy and will be easy to paint up with something cute. I loved the color of the vintage melamine dishes.

I also like these old travel coffee sets and the bar ones too. My parents had one and I was allowed to play house with it, but only sometimes. I am not sure if I will leave it as is, or paint something on the case.
My best deal was this reverse painted glass advertising picture from Butte, Montana. It is in excellent condition--I paid $1 for it!
I also got a great old turquoise blue fan, but it is in the garage and didn't make the photos. So, even though your mama probably told you, "Don't scratch!" and covered you with Calamine lotion, the thriftin' itch is one scratch that is worth itchin'!


  1. Loved the photo's. The 2 spice/herb chart and hanging on my wall in the kitchen! Aren't they the best.


  2. Paint is a great up-dater, isn't it? That spice rack will be cool.

  3. loveeee it! So glad I'm not the only one who suffers from the thrift store itch! I was beginning to wonder if I should see a doc? or maybe join a group or something?? what would that be called?? junkoholics anonymous? I kinda like it...."yes, honey I DID attend my J.A. meeting this week!"

    Junkin' Love and Hugs!

  4. Good thrifty finds. I love to scratch that itch! :) thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit!! :) I love to see the great things you get!

  5. Isn't thrifting fun? Love seeing your fun finds! Especially like the pink dishes--so cute!

  6. Wow, you got to see Beth Moore also..I didn't see you there LOL. We went to Billings from Powell WY, spent the night and had a wonderful time. Beth is the best! Loved the treasures you picked up, especially the tray... have fun with that one!!

  7. oh my goodnes! i love your blog theme! i am hosting a red and aqua swap right now and your blog totally matches! ha ha ha! so fun! :)

  8. I have to know what you did with the travel kit. I just found one in great shape for $2.00 all intact at the thrift store. I love it but not sure how to re-do it. What have you done with yours. I just love your blog. So many creative ideas. Very motivating!!


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