Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I have had this old dresser for several years--bought it as a garage sale.  It has been hanging out in manland in the basement, holding video games and apparently, dirty dishes.  I decided it would be much happier in someone else's home, where it would be loved rather than ignored and abused.  The lovely crackle finish on it just can't be duplicated.
 I gave it a light sanding--there were cream, dark green and a peachy tan paint layers--and then added a coat of turquoise, sanded that and added stain to bring out all of those beautiful crackles.

Excuse all of the pictures of this baby, she just is too beautiful to not show all of them.

 I did add a mirror as the original piece did have one, based on the ledge on the back of the top.  I also added the glass knobs because I only had half of the original wood ones.  This darling is an oldie--made with square nails.  Now she awaits a new owner...sigh.


  1. That's a nice one. But what will the males in the man cave use to set their dishes on now?


  2. It looks absolutely beautiful:-)
    Hugs, Biljana

  3. I LOVVVVVEEE the title of this post! and that dressser -- eek it has be SWOONING! xo


  4. So, so beautiful!! The glass knobs make it perfect!!

  5. Perfect patina!!! Love those colors.

  6. Beautiful, I love the cream peeking through.

  7. she is a beautiful baby and I know you hate to sell her, It's so hard to part with things we love even though they are just hiding in our basements I am doing that now . we are having an indorr community garage sale this saturday and I am bringing out things I have loved for years , taking them to the sale

  8. Beckie; I love it!!!! I don't think I could part with her. Heather


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