Saturday, February 11, 2012

25 Random Things

1.  I currently cannot eat enough of this Mediterranean quinoa I have been making, mmm so good, have eaten it the past 4 days.

2.  I feel guilty right now because I am not at my son's basketball game under the guise of preparing for daughter's birthday party.

3.  I have prepared nothing yet, have perused Pinterest.

4.  I do have a sore throat--couldn't yell at game.

5.  I don't understand positions in basketball at all--have been watching my sons play for 12 years.

6.  I sleep so much better on the couch--love my hubby dearly, just not sleeping with him.

7.  Real sleeping with him, not the other fun stuff--that I do like :).

8.  We went to a Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage conference this weekend--so funny and good.

9.  We got out first real snow of the season yesterday--so beautiful.

10.  Love looking at snow covered things.

11.  Hate driving in snow, scares me.

12.  Could be a homebody for several months in the winter if life allowed it.

13.  Think I could live in a secluded cabin for a few months.

14.  If I could build and paint in a big shop all the day long, I'd be a happy camper.

15.  Would need a maid and cook, my house goes to hell when I spend an entire day working in the garage.

16.  I am so much happier and more relaxed when the house is clean and tidy.

17.  My house rarely stays clean and tidy for long.

18.  I still have some hope I will be completely organized.

19.  In reality, I know it isn't meant to be.

20.  I check Facebook daily--log out trying to ignore it for a few days, always log back in.

21. I justify it as a social outlet--a way to stay in touch.

22.  I refuse to play games on Facebook.

23.  I do enjoy playing the game of Life with my daughter on her ipod.

24.  Wish real life was sometimes as easy as the game of it.

25.  I hate the speed bumps and detours in life, but know that with God it will all work for good :).

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  1. Those are good....I got to number 18 on my list and went blank! I should try's fun reading everyone's lists!

  2. Bliss's #1: I'm laughing at the answers above mine.

    Your's: #5, me too. What's the matter with us?
    #16, me too. What's the matter with us?
    #15, me too. What's the matter with everyone else?
    #16, me too. Sheesh....what's the matter with everyone else?


  3. Great list. I'm with you on 12 through 17.


  4. I don't like to clean either, and my house is disastrous when I'm busy with projects! :) They are so much more fun.
    Loved reading your list Becky!
    enjoy the rest of your weekend,

  5. Kinda read my mind 11-22. Love your 25! Such a great list.


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