Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Headboard Bench & Why I AM A Junker, NOT A Hoarder

Are you a junker who has been accused of being a hoarder?  

I think we junkers all have at one time or another been told we are hoarders.  My children like to throw that word around, albeit as they are tripping over a pile of 35+ picture frames strategically placed on the floor.  Let me define the differences:

A hoarder likes to collect and save things.  A junker likes to collect and save things.

A hoarder sees value in what others see as garbage.  A junker sees value in what others see as garbage.

A hoarder has more "stuff" than she can possibly ever use or need.  A junker may have more "stuff" than she can possibly ever use (I do periodically go through and take some crud, aka treasures to the thrift store or dump).

A hoarder does not want to part with her junk, she stresses out and experiences anxiety if the junk is removed.  A junker is HAPPY to find a use for her junk, happy to create with it and change it and sell it.  
Headboard Bench
Okay, so even though I have been packing this headboard around for 14 years, I finally found a use for it--SEE, I am a JUNKER not a hoarder.
Headboard Bench

I realize the headboard bench has been around for several years and I could have made this years ago but, I wasn't inspired to do so, I thought the headboard had a different calling.  

But, when I was asked to make a bench for a wedding I wanted to use what I had so this headboard was the ticket.  I picked it up when I first became a junker.  It had tall posts and was partially stripped.  I cut the posts down to use for another project. 
Headboard Bench
I tried to strip the rest of the paint off because my customer wanted the bench to be unfinished wood.  They are having guests write wishes for them on it--isn't that a fun keepsake?
Headboard Bench
Some of the old paint was ingrained in the wood of the headboard so I painted a very watered down cream paint and then sanded it.  It is nice and smooth and a great surface for writing on.  I did spray a light coat of a clear sealer so the Sharpies do not bleed.
Headboard Bench
The customer is happy.  I am happy that this lovely headboard has found a new home and use.  I am happy to be a junker!
Headboard Bench


  1. Very well said! My paternal grandmother was an actual hoarder, there were trails all through her house amongst the stacks and boxes. When her pile grew outside, my grandpa built a room around it! I didn't understand for a long time, but have since learned that her dad committed suicide after the stock market crash in the 30's. Their family went from rich to having nothing. It made perfect sense why she felt the need to hold on to everything - though I will say she was a clean hoarder, her kitchen and bathrooms actually very clean, as well as my uncle's bedrooms. My dad worried for a long time that he might be one, because he collects "junk", as do I. The show, Hoarders, is what really taught me about the difference - both my dad and I are thrilled to pass our stuff on to others. There is a definite difference between junking and hoarding!

    1. Yep perfect definition of us junkers. We are creative souls that want to find new homes and give new life to our junque.

  2. So inspired, I will now claim the term junker! And I am happy to be one! Love the bench!

  3. Thank you for that therapy session. I feel so much better. When I look at what I've created , either in my home or at all the stuff I have shared, I know I have a purpose; shrinking one landfill at a time :)


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