Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Verses


  1. I like that thought, that at the right time He will lift you up in honor. It's also very comforting knowing that His mighty shoulders can bear all our worries & cares. I wish I could say I never worry because that would show that I do exactly that & give Him all my worries, but alas, I am what's known as a worry wart. I wonder where that awful expression came from. Anyway, thank you, I was starting to worry (there I go again) that you weren't going to post any scripture today. I checked 3 times & finally on the 4th check you'd come through. Once again I worried for nothing! God bless you Becky.

    1. I struggle with worry too Deb. I give it to God and then take it back, ugh! Sorry, I was late in posting. I was out of town and had this scheduled to post, but forgot to click publish!


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