Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Decor Trends

This time of year I like to check out the decor trends, and then quickly forget them.  

Okay, maybe not completely forget, and I usually do try to add touches of some of them to my home and to the items I make to sell. I completely believe in decorating with what you love and forget the trends.  But, I enjoy seeing what is new and upcoming.  I like keeping things FRESH.

The funny thing is, you can find experts that report the complete opposite trend. And I am not even going to mention a color of the year--I have seen 20 different ones!  I am sharing what I like and might be willing to try.

Warm mixed metals--think copper, gold, and bronze.  I have always been a silver girl, but I am warming up to this trend.

Mixed global influences--what this means is our world is getting smaller and we are mixing influences from different countries and regions.  Paris apartment style with Moroccan patterns is okay!

Wall Paper and Interesting Wall Treatments--I will not wallpaper--been there, done that, but I love fun wall treatment ideas especially in small spaces or on partial walls. This one is tile, but you could reproduce the look with plywood and paint!
Source: Elle Decor

Repurposed, Eco Friendly, Mixing Old & New--I am combining three trends into one here.  Of course this is my favorite!  I think junk, antiques and repurposed furniture, and reclaimed wood are here to stay--yay!  But, they are cleaner, more minimalistic and paired with new items.  

Large digital art and prints--"they" say our subway art and signs are out and simple uncluttered art pieces will take over.  These can be personal and black and white.  I want to blow up my Sunday Verses photo from last week:
The important thing to remember with any trend is to think accessory pieces--pillows, throws, inexpensive art pieces and thrift store finds.  If you go all in with a trend, expensive draperies and rugs, painting every room you may regret it in a few years when you tire of it and it is out the door. Which trends will you try??

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  1. Loved this post!! Why you ask? I never got rid of my wall paper in the form of Border, nor my gold and copper items and I so definitely always mix old with new!!
    Glad to see that i am "in Style" again!! LOL!!



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