Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Heap of Change Challenge, Week 3

Welcome back (or for the first time) to the Heap of Change Challenge!  How are your heaps doing?  Are they getting smaller?  Are you purging and being tough on yourself?
I have been working on cleaning up and out my spare bedroom.  I shared the first week that I don't think rooms should be left unused 50 weeks out of the year, so my spare room also serves as a craft room. Here is the heap that I focused on this week, the closet:
The first week I focused on the bed and stack of suitcases. SEE DETAILS HERE.
Last week I emptied the old TV cabinet that got stuck in there when we got a flat screen. SEE DETAILS HERE
Here is what I put in the space where the TV cabinet was.  Nothing too exciting, but it feels so much more spacious and open. 
And this week I worked on the closet, specifically the little work area I had set up several years ago.  Sadly, it has also been unusable for several years. 
Oraganization, Heap of Change Challenge
I had to once again get tough with myself and PURGE, PURGE, PURGE.  But, I promise, the purging feels good.  To throw out a huge leaf and garden bag full of stuff and fill another one with thrift store giveaways makes me happy!

I created this little work space with an old filing cabinet, a little wood chest of drawers, and a cupboard door.  Is it perfect or magazine worthy, no?  Does it work and did I make it with items on hand?  YES!
Oraganization, Heap of Change Challenge
I cleaned out the file cabinet of 20 year old paper work and instead used the bottom drawer for 8 1/2 x 11" cardstock and paper.  The top drawer holds a few wood candlesticks and frames--projects I hope to work on soon.
Oraganization, Heap of Change Challenge
I got rid of a lot of scrapbook paper.  You know how it is, you buy a stack or package of it, but really only like half of the paper in there.  A large pile of unwrinkled sheets went into the giveaway bag, the wrinkled and partial pieces went into the recycling bin.  I cut down 3 large boxes to ONE!  That also gave me room for my Cricut next to paper instead of in the pile under the desk area.
Oraganization, Heap of Change Challenge
On the wall I screwed two plastic magazine holders for more paper (I was a Stampin' Up! demonstrator in the past--I have paper and cardstock!).
Oraganization, Heap of Change Challenge
I also have a wire basket hanging on hooks in there to hold various craft materials.
Oraganization, Heap of Change Challenge
I was going to leave this hamper and packaging material out of the picture and pretend like the floor of the closet was clear, but it isn't, so I didn't.  It holds fabric, old sweaters and the packaging material is for mailing special orders.  I do have to move it to get into the drawers of the little chest, but I don't get in those too often, a few times a month.
The bulletin board/mail holder still needs a going through--it holds mostly photos and items for scrapbooking.  
Oraganization, Heap of Change Challenge
And I still have a little junk basket filled with whatnot items that do need a home, but don't have one quite yet.  And I still need to work on the top of the closet, but I am saving that for another day.
I want to get a little stool to put under my work space and some lighting in there, but for now it is clean, it is a space to work, and it is a spare bedroom closet that works! 
Oraganization, Heap of Change Challenge

What I learned from working on this week's heap?
1.  When you don't know what you have, you tend to buy more than you need.  i.e., my scrapbook paper was a mess, so instead of digging through it I would always just buy more.  Keep a manageable amount of stuff so you do no overbuy.

2. Small spaces can hold A LOT of junk, but shouldn't.  The amount of stuff I have thrown away, given away, and put away in other places from one small area truly amazes me.

3.  Do not keep things just because you spent money on them.  I know it is sad and wasteful and they should not have been purchased in the first place.  But, keeping things you are not using or that are cluttering up your spaces is also sad and wasteful.  Just say bye, bye, bye!

4. Have a fun space to work inspires you to do so. I sat down and worked on a few photo projects, yay for me!

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  1. Awesome work, Becky! Bye bye bye indeed! Otherwise we're just shuffling it all around. Your room must feel like a new edition to your home right about now! Mine sure does. :)

  2. What a difference a purging marathon makes! I went through my closets several months ago and was shocked at how much I had accumulated. Congratulations.

  3. Your observations are so true. I decided early on in this organizing that I could either lament or move forward, because I couldn't do both. While it isn't especially easy noting the dollars spent and "wasted", I ended up turning the waste into a pile of yard sale fodder for the spring. I won't get all my money back, but that's okay, because I will be passing the stuff on to someone who might have a real need. While you aren't all the way done, you have made a major dent. Great job in clearing your space!


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