Saturday, August 22, 2015

Reclaimed, Live Edge Wood Bench

As I dragged this bench across my front yard I realized something--moving into a new house in a new neighborhood means that I have to "break in" new neighbors to my blog, photo staging craziness.  Really neighbors, I am not crazy--sitting on the grass, lying on the grass, bringing all kinds of objects outside to take pictures...really.

I am blessed to have a wood supplier--my "dealer" if you will, who gives me some fabulous pieces of reclaimed wood.  This bench was made from a few of those. 
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Pieces of wood like this are called live edge because they have the natural, lovely, uneven edge of the wood.
salvaged wood, reclaimed, bench, live edge, build it, beyond the picket fence,
Isn't it pretty?
reclaimed wood, live edge, bench, make it, barn wood, beyond the picket fence,
This was a simple build--legs cut from another chunky piece of reclaimed wood, a live edge wood piece added for a shelf.
barnwood, reclaimed wood, live edge, build it, DIY, beyond the picket fence,
I sanded the wood enough to prevent any slivers, but not so much to lose the lovely rustic quality. I did not stain the bench at all, but I did use a minwax polyurethane finish on it.
bench, reclaimed wood, live edge, DIY,
Do you see the two cows that live across the street--they didn't think I was crazy taking pictures of my bench in the front yard.  
reclaimed wood, bench, minwax, barnwood, build it,
Oh, and the "fog" in the air is smoke, so thick and unhealthy.  Please pray for rain for the west, we need a week of downpours!


  1. I just love this bench! Especially the top! That is so funny about having to break in the new neighbors to explain your weird bloggy behavior! :) I totally get that!

  2. Lovely bench Becky & I will pray for rain.

  3. Praying for rain. We are in Colorado and the smoke from all the fires in Washington, Idaho, Montana and California is causing a lot of haze and outdoor air quality advisories here too. So I am all too familiar with what it is like there. We Coloradoans know this heartache all too well. I hope the Western states get some relief soon. God bless all the firefighters and emergency responders who put their lives on the line every day.

  4. the bench is awesome,and i hope y'all get rain soonest xx

  5. Your bench is beautiful!! Plus I noticed a wonderful "double tree trunk" in your pic. Yards with big, old trees are the best!!

  6. Your bench is beautiful!! Plus I noticed a wonderful "double tree trunk" in your pic. Yards with big, old trees are the best!!


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