Friday, August 21, 2015

Rustic Industrial Chest of Drawers

Hey, hey friends--this is my first post in my new house with my own Internet, yahoo!  I realize having no internet for 6 weeks is a first world program, but goodness, what an inconvenience!  

So...expect to hear more from me!

Do you ever just get an idea and can't wait to complete it?  That is how it was with this little chest of drawers.
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I have owned it for several years and have used it in my craft room, looking all sad with a broken drawer front:
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Our new home came with two trash cans full of lath that was removed from the walls when our 1932 schoolhouse was made into a home.  I love it because it is not too thick, sands up beautifully,and has lots of potential.  

I knew it would be perfect for the drawer fronts on this piece.
reclaimed wood dresser, industrial, decor, rustic, metal, beyond the picket fence,
After cutting the pieces the right length, I glued them onto the drawer fronts, clamping and weighing them down overnight.  I did sand the drawer fronts a bit first because the paint that was on them is glossy and I wanted the glue to have something with a little more grip to adhere to.
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When the glue was dry, I used the brad nail gun and put two nails in each lath piece to further secure them. I then sanded them.

I decided to leave the original paint color, but sanded it to make it a little more rustic.  
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I then stained all of it.
industrial, end table, nightstand, rustic, reclaimed wood, salvaged, chippy paint, DIY,
What makes it industrial?  These chunky, metal handles that I added. 
metal handles, reclaimed wood, lath, dresser, DIY, chippy paint,
The reclaimed wood, the chippy paint, the metal handles...these are things that make me smile.
rustic industrial, dresser, nightstand, end table, chest of drawers, reclaimed wood, salvaged,


  1. I think this may be one of my favorites ever! Love it, sister!

  2. Love it and the pulls are perfect for it.

  3. OK Becky.... besides the fact that the dresser redo is awesome, you have proved to me why I cringed when we tossed out all the lath in the old walls of our barber shop building. That was before blogging, but I still knew I wanted it for "something", now I know what.

    1. Oh nooo, I love the lath. I have made some other fun things with it too. Sadly, the supply is dwindling quickly.

  4. That is a gorgeous piece of furniture!

  5. Boy this is a winner! I bet your glad you hung onto this! GREAT work....

  6. Yup--It makes ME smile too!! Love everything about it!! The handles, the chippy paint... delicious!

  7. Love everything about it! Great piece!

  8. Just gorgeous! Love the inspiration for our pile of lath!

  9. I agree that this is one of the best make overs! Did you have the handles or are they new reproductions?


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