Wednesday, December 9, 2015

12 Days of Christmas, Day 10, How to Upcycle Stockings

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What do you do when you are changing your Christmas theme (again), but you don't really have making all new stockings (again) in you?

You upcycle some old stockings with "boot socks".
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I made all white stockings from thrift store sweaters several year ago.  This year's theme is a red and white winter woodland one.  I decide to add a some top cuffs or a type of stocking boot sock to the white stockings.

I started by sewing a tube that was about 8 inches long.  I finished the two open edges of the tube, except not on the faux fur.  I just pulled off any loose fur from the cut ends.
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I then turned the tube wrong side out and tucked it about 3 or 4 inches into the stocking, pinning it to the stocking.
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I hand stitched a loose running stitch around the top edge of the stocking, folded the cuff over and ironed it.  It is secure, but will be easy to remove in the future if I decide to.

I hot glued some strands of baker's twine knotted together onto a cork letter (from Michaels) for each of us.  I then clipped these onto the stocking with a curtain clip.
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I made ornaments with some of the other cork letters.
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The stockings are hanging near the rather odd chimney that belongs to the far too modern and out of place propane fireplace that we hope to replace/change up soon.  I hung them from antlers placed on the floor of the library.
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If you are wanting new stockings this year, think upcycle and see how you can recreate your current stockings.


  1. LOVE this & your tree is gorgeous! i forwarded the link to my sister- she bought a bunch of those letters on clearance for next to nothing & has been waiting for a project. thanks for the continued inspiration!

    1. Thanks Janelle! I bought them on clearance too and then they have been sitting, so I was glad to finally come up with an idea for them.


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