Wednesday, December 30, 2015

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Welcome to my annual year in review posts--a chance for us to look back on the past year's favorite projects.
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One thing I love about blogging is it really is a great "journal" of happenings in my life.  And while I never get too personal, through pictures and projects I am reminded about what happened in the past year.  

I highly recommend in these last few days, whether you blog or not, that you take time to to reflect on the past year, maybe through your facebook photos. It is good to see what you "accomplished" or didn't, what life challenges you survived, how life is and isn't different from a year ago.

I am always happy and a little shocked to see how much I have created in a year.  I have been making and selling home decor and furniture for 15 years now--that is a lot of projects. Always a good boost to remind yourself what you have done.

Here are a few more favorites from this past year:
salvaged wood, barnwood, LOVE,
industrial, rustic, chest of drawers, reclaimed, lathe,
mirror, round, DIY, knockoff,
reclaimed wood wall, barnwood, headboard, rustic decor,
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  1. I missed the post of that mirror and I am glad you included it today. I love round things and the mirror is very interesting to me visually.


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