Monday, December 28, 2015

These are a Few of my Favorite Things--2015 in Review

It hardly seems possible, I mean I am pretty sure I just got accustomed to writing 2015 rather than 14, but it is time for my annual year in review posts.
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I time to reflect on the past year in blogging, remind myself what I accomplished and look forward to where I want to go.  

I blogged less than I have in the past few years and I am sure that can be attributed tho a few fun things that occurred in 2015:

Writing a book, which was a great experience--challenging and interesting and bucket list checking.  It has been so rewarding to hear people say how inspired they are by the projects and how they can't wait to dive in. (YOU can buy the book HERE)
And selling our home to buy a 1932 schoolhouse occupied my time ;).  We love it and love working on it and I look forward to showing you more of it in 2016.
A few favorite projects were:

XOXO, block letters, reclaimed wood, chippy paint technique,
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pallets, headboard, salvaged wood, reclaimed, bedroom idea,
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Tune in tomorrow when I finish up my favorite things posts.  It is good to reflect on the past year.  Share some of your favorites in your life this past year--whether it was a favorite project you did, a life event, or favorite memory.


  1. I love ALL Of your projects! Am excited for you and your family in your new home! Can't wait for your updates! Thank you for the inspiration!!

  2. I honestly loved every single one of your projects this year, Becky!


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