Thursday, January 28, 2016

EASY Centerpiece DIY

1) a decorative piece or display placed in the middle of a dining or serving table.
2) an item or issue intended to be a focus of attention
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I enjoy creating fun and unique centerpieces for each season or holiday.  I think keeping a centerpiece on the table encourages us to keep the table clean and free of clutter.

centerpiece, tray, old books, candles, balance, curly willow, fusion mineral paint, copper paint, valentines day,
I like to hunt around my home to find things to create a centerpiece.
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I think centerpieces should have 5 basic elements:

An Anchor--a tray, a platter, a cutting board.  Not only does the anchor create some cohesiveness, it also makes it easier to remove the centerpiece from the table when needed. 
centerpiece, fusion mineral paint, tray, old scale,
For this one I used a garage sale tray painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in  Laurentien, my current favorite Fusion color.  Fusion Mineral Paint is so smooth and lovely and nice AND it has a built in finish!  You do not have to wax or finish it for most projects.

Height--most centerpieces have and need height.  Height can come from candlesticks, flowers, sticks, greenery. 
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Light--Even if you never have candlelight dinners, isn't it nice to think you could and you might?  Using candles in your centerpiece at least means you CAN have a candlelight dinner if you want. ALWAYS use caution when burning candles and NEVER leave burning candles unattended.
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Natural Elements--Every centerpiece needs something natural (honestly, I think all decor and vignettes need some nature).  Flowers are lovely (and a beautiful BIG vase of flowers can stand alone as a centerpiece), but in Montana flowers I can afford, i.e. ones cut from the yard, are only available about two months of the year.  Think outside the flower box--twigs, feathers, evergreen branches, antlers, dried leaves--just something from Mother Nature.
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Seasonal or Holiday Items: Unless you don't like or celebrate holidays, the centerpiece is a perfect place to add a fun holiday touch without full-on decorating for each event. 
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I cut out (intentionally) lopsided hearts from cardboard 
fusion mineral paint, chalk paint, copper paint, matthew mead,
and painted them with Matthew Mead's Fusion metallic paint in copper. Don't shame me for those messy paint bottles.  I love this paint and it goes so well with the Laurentine. I punched holes in the hearts and hing them on the sticks.  For Easter if I don't make a new centerpiece, I will change out the hearts for eggs.
candles, old scale, tray, valentines day, decor, hearts, copper paint,
Once you have those 5 elements, add other touches--something to set the candles on, something to put the natural elements in, favorite things. I used a balance that I repaired with superglue, and a few old books.  
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The books were the colors I wanted to incorporate and the balance is a visual reminder to practice balance in my life. 
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Hunt around your house or the thrift store to create your next centerpiece.
centerpiece, tray, scale, balance, candles, fusion mineral paint, ironstone, twigs, DIY,


  1. This comes spookily handy! We just got a table and it is "dying" to have a center piece.
    Well, I wasn't so sure how to go about it and your post is super helpful.
    Also: a-we-so-me scale!

    1. Thanks, I am glad it is helpful! The scale I got for $1 at a garage sale because of the broken balance.

  2. At Hobby Lobby the other day, I couldn't find anything as cute as your lopsided hearts. Thanks for the inspiration to make my own decorations.

    1. Thanks, yes I did think about buying little wood hearts, but I wanted lopsided ones. Call it my lopsided way of thinking ;).

  3. I love this! I have a scale like that and nothing to do with it, I do now. Can't wait to start my centerpiece.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hint....when you buy a new jar of paint and first open it...spread some
    Vaseline on the inside threads of the lid and the outside thread of the
    jar. when you are done painting just wipe the jar threads clean (Vaseline
    makes this easy) and put lid back more messy jars stuck tight
    with paint...been doing this for 60 PLUS years....less frustrating happier
    painting.....Love your "stuff"


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