Thursday, January 21, 2016

LOVE, in Bits & Pieces

Puttering in the workshop days are happy days for me.

Days when I have the time to look around, and dream, and create whatever comes to me.

Today was one of those days and a little LOVE was the result of my puttering.
love sign, reclaimed wood, scraps, typohraphy, metal, minwax, wood spools, valentines, rustic, industrial,

I started with a scrap of wood that was approximately 11 1/2" x 14 1/2".  I divided the board into four quadrants.
reclaimed wood, industrial, rustic, valentines, barnwood,
I then looked at my bits and pieces, my junk, and scraps that I just haven't been able to part with and laid out my design. 
love sign, bits and pieces, scraps, pallet wood, barnwood, wood spools, wood glue, brad nailer, assembling, industrial,
I assembled it using my brad nailer, glue, and screws. I glued and nailed the spools in place.

I used glue to attach the metal bullseye piece I cut from a small, magnetic game board I have been holding onto.  I then used the braid nailer to secure the V.
Love sign typography, industrial decor, salvaged wood, wooden spools, minwax, polyacrylic, barnwood, pallet wood, metal, rustic sign, valentines,
I screwed in the metal L plates to form the E.
industrial, rustic decor, love sign, valentine sign, salvaged, wood spools, typography,
I finished the piece with a coat of Minwax polyacrylic.

I realized I haven't shown use this lovely little industrial I found at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. 
industrial, side table, metal wheels, habitat for humanity, salvaged, rustic decor, love sign, assembled, reclaimed,
I think they had it in a throw away pile, but I asked about and they sold it to me for $10.
industrial table, rustic decor, metal table, love sign, valentine decor, salvaged, minwax, polyacrylic, metal wheels,
All it needed was a cleaning and some Minwax polyacrylic to make it shine.
industrial, love sig, reclaimed, salvaged, wood spools, habitat for humanity, pallet wood, metal table, rustic decor,
I love the blue and yellow paint on the metal frame, the wheels, and the worn wood top with holes in it.
industrial, metal table, rustic, love sign valentines, pallets, book, crafting with wood pallets, author,
It is a perfect place to rest a copy of my book, HINT, HINT! BUY IT HERE!  I did hear from my publicist that my book is in a second printing--thank you to all who have already purchased a copy.


  1. you did a great job on the LOVE plaque and I love that industrial cart Becky!


  2. Once again you have provided your brand of the unique!

    1. Thanks Patricia. I did say to myself, this is me, my "signature" style. Maybe that is why I enjoyed creating it so much!

  3. I just love days when you can let the imagination run wild. I especially love the signs made from bits and pieces. The sign is terrific.

  4. Very impressed and I just love the use of colour and refunked junk...keep it up x


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