Thursday, January 7, 2016

Love You Forever, Easy Valentine Decor + Free Printables

If you are a parent, chances are you have read (and perhaps teared up while doing so) Robert Munsch's book Love You Forever.
Robert Munsch, Love You Forever, Free Printable,
I was first introduced to this book as an elementary teacher and bought a copy for my mom and firstborn.  I read it many times to him and my other two children as well.

I decide the phrases "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always" needed to go a sign for Valentine's Day this year.
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I eliminated the I part to simplify it and made it into two printable signs HERE and HERE.
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I printed these on canvas paper I bought at Michaels.  The paper has a cream side and a whiter side and I opted to print on the white side.  I trimmed the 9"x12" paper to 8 1/2"x11" to fit in my printer.
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I cut an old board I had to 24" long--it is about 10 1/2" wide.  Because it was splitting, I added a few thin boards to the back to keep it together (boy, there are days I wish I could add a few thin boards to myself to keep it together!).  I sanded it lightly and used Minwax polyacrylic on it to give it a nicer finish.
old wood, splitting, screws, minwax, polyacrylic, free printable, valentines day,
I measured 15 mm in on each corner of the canvas prints and marked it.
measure twice, mark, printable, old wood, valentines day,
I punched the corners with a small sized hole punch.
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I hammered antique bronze upholstery tacks (from Lowes) into the holes on the corners.
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That is all!  The canvas paper has a nice, durable finish that can be dusted if needed.
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For now this is hanging on a door to my entry in my great room.  
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I like the simple look of it so much, that I think after Valentine's Day I will find a spot for it in our master bedroom.
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  1. Love it so of my favorite children's books!

  2. I received that book as a gift when my son was born. I always thought it was kind of weird...the mother sneaking into her grown son's home and rocking him, haha! I'll love my kids forever, but that's taking it a bit far! 😀

  3. Now that my daughter has died I understand the book more fully.


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