Friday, April 29, 2016

Easy Ladder Shelf

For every show I do, there is AT LEAST one project that never gets finished and doesn't make it.  This easy ladder shelf was the lonely, left-behind project from last show.
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I started with two "ladder pieces".  I originally had four ladders that weren't ladders, but actually sides to an outdoor tent I had picked up for free for outdoor shows.  I never did any outdoor shows so after the tent sat in my garage for years, I decided to use the parts and pieces.  Two of the ladders I painted and sold as decorative blanket ladders.  
ladder shelf, DIY, bookshelf, reclaimed wood,
I used part of the other two ladders in the sides of this bar. 
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I had two short pieces left that I knew would make great sides for a shelf.  I got them painted white before the show, but that is as far as I got.  
ladder shelf, easy DIY, bookshelf, old ladder, barnwood,
I used reclaimed barnwood for the shelves cut 22" long.  I ran them through the planer because they were different thicknesses, I wanted the wood to be a lighter color, and it is so much easier than sanding. I have only had a planer since moving into our new home. Sanding does work perfectly well, it just takes longer.
ladder shelf, barnwood, planer, reclaimed wood, bookshelf,
I screwed the shelves into the ladder rungs.  I did briefly think about adding a bracket under the shelves to join them and then screwing the bracket to the rung so the screws wouldn't show on top, but I said, "Nah, no need to do the extra work."
ladder shelf, reclaimed wood, salvaged wood, bookshelf, barnwood,
I added an X on the back with thin, flexible tongue and groove beadboard.  This adds not only an extra design detail, but it helps to make the shelf more sturdy.
Ladder shelf, barnwood, reclaimed wood, bookshelf, Minwax, Polyacrylic,
I left the wood unstained and simply finished it with Minwax polyacrylic, which really brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain.  
ladder shelf, old ladder, barnwood, bookshelf, rustic,
This is one of those shelves that can be used in so many places.  It is sturdy and has great space between the shelves for tall items.  


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