Friday, September 30, 2016

Thrift Store Finds: Candlesticks

Thrift stores--I think I have a love/hate relationship going on with them.  

They are not what the used to be--junky little out of the way places where you can pick up all sorts of things for a few coins from your pocket.

Thrift stores are now a major business and they know it, and sadly the prices reflect it, with many thinking they are actually an antique store.

But, I do still like to wander these establishments, looking for the unexpected bargain, the half price day find.  One of the things I always keep an eye out for are cool candlesticks that can be painted.

These recent ones where black and one was broken at the neck (nothing that a little super glue wouldn't cure).
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I painted these a lovely aqua, distressed them, and added a clear finish.  Such an easy update!!

Here are a few other candlesticks I have upcycled in the past:
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thrift store candlesticks, paint, repurposed, upcycled, fusion mineral paint,


  1. Their all pretty but the aqua is my favorite. I love to go look at thrift stores as well, usually it is just looking because they aren't cheap anymore. Every once in a while I find a good buy.

    1. Thanks! I agree, but 1/2 price days do help, although I am pretty sure they price things for half price days :-/ !

  2. Very hard to find a good deal but I love looking. I have found a few Susan Branch cookbooks for a good price. She does beautiful watercolor art. She's in England right now with her partner. She shares the adventure on her blog.

  3. Ok will be repetitive and say aqua candlesticks are also my favorites, good find. Do you go thrifting often and do you have thrift stores close to where you live? Goodwill in Grand Junction is as expensive as going to Walmart or Kmart. Sometimes Habitat is too, excuse me people items are all given to you. Have found some good deals there but have found it's when have been able to go each week on either Veterans or senior discount days. We live too far away to be hopping over there more than once a week if that, depending on gas prices. Have heard people complaining about prices at Goodwill. Have seen items priced higher than would find at Walmart. Try to only go to Goodwill on Wed. sr.
    Sorry for rant but noticed am not only commentor unloading about prices at thrift stores. Have great lovely Fall weekend
    Wish could find some nice candlesticks once in while.. Guess is don't get to go shopping anyplace, let alone at thrift stores often enuf to get bargains. Kind of like being at Target every day to snag $ bargain section goodies, except not a $ anymore.

    1. No worries, I agree--thrift store prices have gotten out of control, especially when they are given all of their merchandise. We have quite a few thrift stores in our town. The best deals are at Salvation Army on 1/2 price day, but if you are not there first thing, the good stuff is gone. And when you are there first thing, it is a dog eat dog world! I leave Goodwill empty handed many times, but I still like to wander and I do find great deals from time to time. I think the differing prices is just so peculiar--I got these candlesticks for $4 and $3 , but just saw some similar ones priced at $12 each--I left them.

  4. They are all so pretty and different so you can change it up to suit your mood. I agree that in the past several years the thrift stores have gotten more and more expensive. And garage sales also.

    1. Thank you! Garage sales vary so much! A lot of people think their junk is gold, haha!

  5. These candlesticks are a great find and the aqua is a brilliant color choice. Good for you.

  6. All the candlesticks are pretty. It would be hard for me to choose which color. Love the distressed look. Great job...and great find!


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