Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday Verses

Devotional on God Seeing Beauty in our Scars
Happy Sunday! "Why are you taking a picture of a dead tree?" hubby asked. "Because I think the branches are pretty against the blue sky," was my reply. Do you see beauty where others do not? Jesus does. Jesus does not look at our broken and our scars and our "ugly" in disgust. He sees ours scars as places where he wants to love on us. He sees our life stories in the ugly places and wants to show us his beautiful grace in the flaws. God does not disregard the broken, but he uses our fractured and damaged parts to show his love to us and others. Do not hide the unseemly parts of your life from God (because, really, we can't even if want to), but rather let Jesus work to make them beautiful.

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  1. So wonderfully wise. Thank you for this. It gives some encouragement.


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