Monday, December 3, 2018

12 Days of Christmas Day 7 Simple Swag

12 Days of Easy Christmas Ideas

You got swag? I am quite certain this is not the kind of swag my kids think of when they use that word, but it is the kind of swag that is perfect and oh so simple to make for the holidays.

The past few years I have made wreaths to hang on the six original windows in our great room of our old schoolhouse. This year I am doing less and more simple decor that is a little more natural and organic and these simple swags fit the bill perfectly. They also took about a quarter of the time to make compared to wreaths and were easier on my hands (less poking).
Easy DIY Swags for Christmas

We have an artificial tree, but every year we get a tree permit and go into the mountains to gather fresh branches. We typically get them from trees that are down, but still green. If gathering branches in the woods is not an option for you, ask for discarded branches at a tree lot. Some will charge you, but most will give them to you for free. 
Easy DIY Swags for Christmas
Other branches from your yard work too. We gathered some moss covered branches that I liked. Simply lay a few of the branches together a way that you like,
Easy DIY Swags for Christmas
and then use floral wire at the top to keep them together. (That is red paint for on my thumb, not blood 😀)
Easy DIY Swags for Christmas
I then wrapped jute or twine (a three-four foot piece) around the wire and tied it in the back. I used this to hang the swags from my windows.
Easy DIY Swags for Christmas
I tied a ribbon around the jute and added accessories with twine that I tied to the jute wrapped around the wire. I used pinecones, snowflake ornaments, bells, and vintage glass Christmas balls--again keeping with the simple theme.
Easy DIY Swags for Christmas
The simple swags add so much to the windows and a touch of fresh pine scent. They look great on doors or under porch lights and are so easy to make.
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Easy DIY Swags for Christmas

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  1. They are very pretty and simple. I had to laugh because I haven't had a real tree in years, but I would go to a place with real trees and ask for clippings to make the house smell good. Then I would complain about how every Christmas I was sick. So allergic to real trees.


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