Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Scrap Wood Valentine Box

Do you remember making valentine boxes for school? I loved wrapping a cardboard shoe box in construction paper and then plastering doilies and hearts all over it with white paste that I may or may not have enjoyed eating (ew?!!). 

DIY Scrap Wood Valentine Box
I decided to make a grown-up, farmhouse style, valentine box from some scrap boards.

DIY Scrap Wood Valentine Box
I used three (only two are pictured) fence board ends I have. 
DIY Scrap Wood Valentine Box
I kept one the length it was and using a hole saw bit, drilled a large hole in the top. Candle boxes and shelves made in days of yore would have a large hole to hang the box on a wood peg.

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I cut a 4" piece and a 2" piece from another board. I used these for the front and the bottom of the valentine box. I joined the pieces together with wood glue (get my favorite wood glue HERE) and my brad gun (THIS ONE).
DIY Scrap Wood Valentine Box
I then used the third scrap board and cut two sides for the box.
Some red paint and a heart stenciled in white completed the valentine box. I am on the hunt for vintage valentines to put in it.
DIY Scrap Wood Valentine Box

It also would be cute with flowers, a succulent, Valentine Day suckers, or a battery operated candle. This project took about thirty minutes total (plus dry time) and is a super easy, DIY for Valentine's Day.

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