Sunday, February 17, 2019

Sunday Verses

Show Up for Others and be THERE for Them
Happy Sunday! I am a sunrise and sunset watcher and living where I do, I count on seeing some pretty amazing skies most of the time. And, I KNOW the sun will show up and rise every day over the mountains to the east and that it will set each evening over the mountains in the west. When Job was suffering horribly, three friends came to him, wailed with him, and sat with him. They didn't know why he was suffering, but they were reliable and showed up anyway. We need to show up every day for others in our life. Whether you realize it or not, someone is depending on you to show up. Someone needs you to simply be there--to sit with them, to be present, to be dependable. Know that every day the world needs YOU to show up--someone is anticipating and hoping you will be there. 

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