Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sunday Verses

It's Okay to Not be Okay
Happy Sunday! I always start out my Sunday verses this way, with a positive, happy greeting. But, happy days seem harder for many these days. I always get in a little funk this time of year as I am not a huge fan of short, cold, winter days. Moving, while challenging under normal circumstances, has seemed harder during a pandemic. It is lonely and I am still unsure what this next chapter holds for me. And, that is okay. Every day does not need to be sunshine and rainbows and cotton candy (because cotton candy is really good and would be available on fantastically wonderful days). It is okay to have difficult days. I am learning to sit with the uncomfortable, heavy times, to appreciate the stillness and the quiet. Burdens do not need to be whisked away in a flurry of activities and distractions. Calmness, being still and patient while looking and listening for God in the hushed, unassuming places, ushers in a peace and a knowing that it, whatever it may be, will be okay. And, until it is, that is all right too.

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  1. Winter is difficult normally with cold grey days, but toss in COVID and it is harder to handle. You cannot go places or be with friends and family. Only outdoor drives and nature walks can help as long as weather allows. Thank the Lord I have Randy.


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