Thursday, January 28, 2021

Thrifty Thursday Thrift Store Finds

I have moved to a town with a lot of thrift stores and I sure am having fun exploring them. Now that I don't have a booth at an antique place, I do have to exercise quite a bit of restraint. But, even with the self-control getting a good workout, I am finding plenty of lovely items for my new home. 
Thrift Store Finds

So, I have decided to bring back my Thrifty Thursday posts. Some Thursdays I will share recent finds, and on other Thursdays I will share a project made with a thrift store find. And, I will give you plenty of thrifting tips along the way too!

Today I am showing you some of my most recent goodies. My eye has been drawn to yellows and blues and I will be adding some sunny pops of yellow in spring. The yellow pillow, enamel bowl (that I clear coated to stop the rust), and the yellow oil painting will be used in my family room and kitchen.
Thrift Store Finds
HINT--pillows are expensive brand new and are plentiful at thrift stores. I typically only buy pillows that have removeable covers that I can wash because otherwise, ew. If the pillow insert looks good and clean, I spray it with Lysol. If it doesn't look clean, I toss it and add a new insert.
Vintage Still Life
The oil pastel still life has the sticker of the frame shop that framed it. I can look up the shop and see that it went out of business in the seventies. Based on the style and colors of painting, I am dating this to the 1950's or 60's.

The wood dowels are finished already and I have a couple ideas for how I might use them. The leather camera case is hanging in my bedroom right now and might get repurposed.
Thrift Store Finds
The little oil paintings have a date with the signature, 1968 and are from Texas originally. There is brown paper on the back of the blue flowered one with the artist's Texas address.

I am not sure what this blue enamel burner/pipe is. It is definitely old and it might have been a small, portable stove or a kerosene burner. It is missing the top and or bottom, but that is okay for what I want to do with it. I am not telling you right now, any guesses?
Vintage Enamel Burner
Today's thrifting tips (besides the pillow hints) are: shop Tuesdays or Wednesdays--it gives the stores time to put out the new items they received over the weekend, check and see what is on sale--don't be afraid to ask, and if you are thinking about it, put it in your cart while you wander to give yourself time to decide and to keep it from someone else snatching it up.

I spent less than $22 on all of these items, with the antique enamel burner being the most expensive item at $8 and the yellow enamel bowl the biggest bargain at 59 cents.
What have you found lately?

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  1. Great finds! The blue thing reminds me of a smudge pot they would have used in an orchard to keep the plants from freezing.


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