Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Sweet Chippy Vintage Stool Table

I was not sure what this little white piece of furniture was when I saw it at the thrift store, but I could tell that is was old and had some lovely chippy paint layers and it was solid so I decided to buy it.

Thrift Store Find
Isn't it sweet?
Sweet Chippy Vintage Stool Table
I thought it might have been a chair seat without the back, but it is a regular rectangle size. I think it was a little bench or stool and that it might have had caning or some type of an insert. Someone put an extra piece of wood on top long ago because it has the same layers as the rest of it.
Sweet Chippy Vintage Stool Table
I gave it a little bit of a sanding to reveal a bit more of the colors--yellow, pink, green. 
Chippy Paint Layers
I used some Wise Owl Furniture Tonic over it all--it made it smell so fresh and gave it a nice, smooth, protective finish. You can get it from my friend Tina HERE. It looks a little like watery pea soup. I applied it with a soft cloth. 
Wise Owl Furniture Tonic
This little stool makes a perfect side table for the chair I shared last week.
Sweet Chippy Vintage Stool Table
I love that it is vintage and the chippy finish--I can imagine it in a farmhouse years ago.
Sweet Chippy Vintage Stool Table
It would be cute in a kitchen too with a basket of cloth napkins or towels and could be used as a step stool if needed. 

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  1. I love this one. It has so much character. Looks lovely beside your chair.


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