Thursday, May 5, 2022

Thrifty Thursday Rustic Modern Dining Set

Thrifty Thursday Rustic Modern Dining Set

Today's Thrifty Thursday project is a cute, rustic, modern dining set that I fixed up for our studio Air BNB. I got the table and the chairs at our Habitat for Humanity Restore. The table was a little rough, but I loved the base and the round top, and the smaller size.Thrift Store Table BeforeSome sanding and paint and two modern, new, pleather chairs also from the Restore and it is the perfect table for our Air BNB.Thrifty Thursday Rustic Modern Dining Set

Keep reading to see how I upcycled this $5 table and created a great eating area in a small space.
The top of the table was rough. It had some gouges and water stains. I sanded it and then wiped it clean with white vinegar.
Thrifty Thursday Rustic Modern Dining Set
I then used the same green paint that I used in my entryway HERE. This is Behr Dynasty paint and because I sanded the table top quite well, I think it will hold up nicely. 
Behr Dynasty Paint
The color is Vine Leaf and it only took one coat.
Vine Leaf Behr Paint
I liked the rustic wood look on the base of the table so all I did to that was freshen it up with Wise Owl's Furniture Salve that you can get from my friend HERE.  I used it on the table top as well--it protects and nourishes the wood and smells divine!
Thrifty Thursday Rustic Modern Dining Set
The chairs were brand new and were $20 each at the Restore. They are sturdy and I liked the slim line and the modern touch. 
Thrifty Thursday Rustic Modern Dining Set
The decor theme (and by theme I mean loosely decorated, but not a total themed space) is rustic, modern, a little boho and lodge. We live near Yellowstone so definitely wanted a national park vibe, without being a cabin look. I am using white, black, wood, green, and small touches of red in the space. 
Thrifty Thursday Rustic Modern Dining Set
For $45 and about an hour's worth of work, this thrift store table and chairs works wonderfully in the space. Remember, you can find fantastic, quality pieces at the thrift store!
Thrifty Thursday Rustic Modern Dining Set
We are hoping to get our Air BNB listed and renting by June 1st. Hubby hitting a tree while skiing put us behind schedule. I will let you all know when it is available for renting in case you plan a trip to Montana! 

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  1. Becky I looked for the furniture salve & was surprised to see multiple scent choices. You said it smells divine. What scent are you using & is it very strong? I'm pretty sensitive to overpowering fragrances.


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