Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Upcycling a Curbside Find

When hubby says he grabbed something FREE curbside I have to admit, sometimes I am not that enthusiastic. He does great 65% of the time. Unfortunately, that doesn't erase the cringe moments of some of his finds from the memory. However, this time he did well with a solid, heavy duty, end table that he found.
End Table Before
This isn't any priceless treasure, but it wasn't nasty gross, and the price was right. Once I started sanding it, I sanded through the veneer quite quickly so I decided paint was going to be the makeover product choice.
Curbside Find Upcycled with Paint
Keep reading to see how easy this upcycle was and to see how to mix a traditional look with something more casual.
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Curbside Find Upcycled with Paint
After sanding the end table just enough to get rid of some of the gloss, I wiped it clean with white vinegar. Then I used Behr Dynasty Paint in a satin finish to paint the table. I did what I would call one and half coats--added a light second coat in a few areas where I could still faintly see the wood color underneath. This color reads a little brighter in photos than it actually is. 
Curbside Find Upcycled with Paint
I knew I wanted a touch of antique gold on the table. I decided to add the gold to the raised rectangular edges on the apron of the table and on the bottom of the legs. I taped off the legs and then applied Antique Gold Rub-n-Buff to achieve the perfect Midas touch I was looking for. I applied it with a gloved finger. It takes the tiniest amount of Rub-n-Buff. You can buy it HERE.
Antique Gold Rub-nBuff
I am definitely not a traditional furniture kind of a gal, but I would totally use this end table in my home. The key to make it less formal is what you pair it with and which accessories you use on the table top.
How to Make a Formal Furniture Piece more Casual
Pairing the painted end table with casual, natural chairs helps to tone down its formal feel. I natural wicker chair, a leather and bamboo chair, slouchy pillows are items that have an informal vibe. 
Thrift Store Finds
The accessories are from the thrift store (except the ABC photos my son took in high school). I brass candlestick and a vintage brass lamp with darker, aged patina help tie in the gold on the able without being too serious. A wicker box from the thrift store is comfortable and matches the organic look of the chairs. An old shoe shine brush with the same blue color of the table turned upside down holds a goofy, black and white picture of me. Just a few accessories leaves room for books and cups of tea, maybe a plant.
Curbside Find Upcycled with Paint
A little paint and time and someone's castoff table became a sweet treasure.


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