Thursday, June 2, 2022

Thrifty Thursday Vintage Bamboo Coffee Table

Thrifty Thursday Vintage Mid-Century Bamboo Coffee Table

Today's Thrifty Thursday post is really all about me😁, or about a recent thrift store find that I love and am keeping. But, I am sharing thrift store decor tips and what you should look for when thrift shopping. But, back to me...or my find, a lovely, vintage, 1940's or 50's, bamboo coffee table. Here is the before:

Vintage Bamboo Coffee Table Before Picture
And, with less than 45 minutes of work, here is the after:
Thrifty Thursday Vintage Bamboo Coffee Table
It is the perfect addition to my sunroom. Keep reading to see how I brought this back to life and TIPS for choosing great decor at the thrift store.
Thrifty Thursday Vintage Bamboo Coffee Table
I spied this beauty right in the entryway of my local Goodwill store. I picked it up and it had some weight to it. Here is a clue that it might be old and better made than much of today's furniture. I turned it over and looked for a label and found this one, which clearly told me it was vintage. I think it might have been designed by Paul T Frankl who designed a series of bamboo furniture for Kane Kraft in the 40's.
Vintage Kane Kraft Furniture

Look under furniture pieces or at the backs of them. There are often labels and furniture stamps on vintage pieces. Give the piece a wiggle, is it sturdy? This table definitely is and would pass the standing on it test. If the piece has drawers, open every drawer. How do they glide? Give the furniture the sniff! Does it smell smokey, musty, or disgusting? Smells are hard to get out of furniture, even wood. I rarely buy something that is stinky. 

I sanded the top of this because it had a couple fairly deep gouges and some stains. I don't think it is veneer. When you sand the edges of veneer you quickly get into the inferior wood underneath. I was cautious on the edges, but I never saw anything other than good, solid wood. 
Sand the Wood Top of a Coffee Table
I wiped the table down and then used Wise Owl Furniture Salve to revive both the wood and the bamboo. You can buy it from my fiend Tina HERE.
Wise Owl Furniture Salve
I apply it with a natural bristle round brush and then wipe it off/ buff it with a soft rag. It smells heavenly (I use the Lemon Verbena) and protects the wood. You can use it on leather, beards, etc.
Wise Owl Furniture Salve
Isn't it pretty? I replaced the trunk I was using in my sunroom with this new to me table. I love it with my funky, vintage loveseat and all of the other thrift store finds and projects.
Plant Stand
The plant, sitting in a thrift store wood bowl sits on a sunny yellow, metal bookend. This adds a pop of color and helps to protect the wood on the table. 
Sunny Eclectic Boho Sunroom
I've changed out the pillows for the summer. In cased you missed them, you can read about the other projects in my sunroom here:
Thrift Store Decor in a Sunroom
I love the curves on this table and the bottom shelf and the lovely wood and I love that I found it at the thrift store. I like thinking it lived its former life in a cool 1940's hotel or lounge.
Thrift Store Decor in a Sunroom
Keep your eyes open, there are still gems out there just waiting for someone to love them.

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