Monday, February 2, 2009

Saucers (Not Flying)

I found these three great saucers the other day at the thrift store for a quarter each. I loved the colors, but couldn't find the tea cups to go with them, and had no idea what I would do with them. I came up with this quick project today. I used epoxy to glue them to this old glass cupboard door I have had (click here to see another project I made with one of the doors). I then added 5 hooks-simple and quick. It will go to my antique booth later this week.


  1. That is a totally AWESOME creative use for them.



  2. Hey Becky,
    I have a small glass door that I didn't know what I could do with. Thanks for the idea! I will have to use really little saucers because it is very narrow. I think that it will turn out good. I will post pictures after I do it.

    Also, I saw some of your pictures on a lady's blog a few days ago. Her blog is called SIMPLE NEEDS. The address is

    She said that she couldn't remember where she got the pictures but asked if the person that they belong too would let her know, she would link to them. She has a lot of neat ideas too. I found her that day when I was blog hopping. Its on her Jan. 17th post.

    Lee Laurie

  3. Great idea! I bought some pretty saucers the other day. No cups to be found. They are just waiting for a creative use.

  4. Great idea! I bet you'll sell that in the blink of an eye. ~Mindy

  5. I agree I bet that sells quick. Cute project!

  6. I LOVE pretty plates! That was a great and creative idea you had with the cabinet door!

  7. That is so cute!! Very creative. I love it!

  8. hi, its me. :)
    i had sent you a email about posting a link AND your pics. so sorry if it caused a fuss. i didnt mean to .
    stay warm, kim

  9. No problem kim--just knew you were looking for who they belonged to--thanks!

  10. what a great idea. love the hooks too, that would look great in my laundry room. i've been trying to think of a unique way to hang some things in there...

  11. Great idea! I can tell I will like visiting this blog. Looks like a good one! I want to thank you for stopping by during my SITS spotlight. Please come back anytime. Blessings, Nancy

  12. i love it becky....SOOO cute. good job and a cheap find!!! your daughter is absolutely adorable by the way. wish her a happy birthday...
    take care

  13. Thanks!

    These are REALLY cool! I mean.. really... Hmmm


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