Tuesday, December 11, 2012

School District #42

I am following up Wastebasket #5 with School District #42.
My daughter had used this little unfinished table when she was younger (yes, I never painted it--the cobbler's children never have new shoes).  She had scribbled on it--I also had this old metal and wood school chair.  I painted them in Annie Sloan paint, Provence and Emperor's silk.
I decided they need a number to tie the two separate pieces together and to add a little detail.  42 is was and I labeled the set as school district #42 desk and chair.
Sometimes simple is best.


  1. especially in this case! I so love the color and the number! Way beautiful. i am curious as to how well the A.S. adheres to metal. SOOO pretty!

  2. So cute. Love the layering of color. The combination is different. Love it,

  3. Becky; that is too adorable! Love the red; it's the perfect old timey color and sweet with numbers. You are so creative! Hugs, Patty

  4. awww, love the red! and the 42. I think that chair matches some I worked on last spring. :)


  5. oh how cute! I love the "old fashioned" look of this! I had a little red desk when I was little...I remember playing "school" on it


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